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Parent Training Funds: Applications Being Accepted!

CT FEAT believes that well informed parents are their children's most important teachers and advocates. In order to support parental efforts to learn more about best practices in autism treatment, CT FEAT has established a special fund to help parents pay the costs of attending training workshops, conferences and other educational events.

The Frank D. Craemer Memorial Parent Training Fund was established in 2008 with memorial contributions from the family and friends of Frank Daly Craemer. Mr. Craemer was the father of CT FEAT board member Rosie Shea and a loving grandfather, known as "Poppy," to his grandchildren Jeremiah and Fiona Shea.

The Parent Training Fund has expended thousands of dollars to help parents defray the costs of attending educational events (e.g. conferences, workshops, online courses) focused on intervention methods validated by research. The availability of this funding enables parents to learn about the most effective ways to teach specific skills and achieve positive behavioral changes.

Applications for funding can be submitted at any time and usually will be acted upon within two weeks of receipt. CT FEAT's board of directors reviews the applications and makes the l awards based on a variety of considerations, including the merit of the proposed activity, competing requests for funding, and the fund's quarterly budget.

Scholarships may cover the entire cost of the activity or some portion thereof. Depending on the circumstances, CT FEAT may pay the costs directly to the provider or reimburse the parent.

If you would like to be considered for a Parent Training Scholarship, please provide us with the following information:

1) Your contact information (full name, address, phone number and email);
2) Your child's age and date of diagnosis;
3) a description of the proposed educational activity (including names and background of presenters, location, date, and cost);
4) how you heard about the scholarship; and
5) a brief statement as to why you believe the activity would be beneficial to you.

Please send your scholarship funding request to: Be sure to put "Parent Training Fund" in the subject line of your email.

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