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The principal purpose of CT FEAT's Internet Discussion Listserv for Parents (List) is to provide a safe and supportive forum in which parents can network and exchange information. The primary focus is on sharing information about interventions that have been validated by research.

CT FEAT has provided this free service for almost two decades. There are many hundreds of subscribers from throughout the state, with new members joining every month. Below you will find the rules for participating in the List. Your request to be subscribed indicates that you have agreed to abide by these rules.

I. Who Can Join:
This List is exclusively for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who reside in Connecticut. Out-of-State parents contemplating a move to CT may not join it. In general, the only exceptions will be for former CT residents who belonged to the List before they moved out of state.

Parents may join only in their personal capacity as parents and not as representatives of businesses or organizations.

II. Privacy and Confidentiality:
CT FEAT will not sell, trade, or otherwise disclose the email addresses of anyone subscribed to this discussion List. Subscribers to the List shall not compile email addresses for private or commercial purposes of any kind.

Subscribers agree to protect the confidentiality of the other families on the List.

Subscribers may not disclose to any person or organization outside the List any personal information (including email addresses) learned on the List without prior consent of the person involved.

Subscribers may not forward posts to non-subscribers without the original author's written permission.

These confidentiality requirements operate on an honor system but anyone found in violation of them will be removed from the list.

III. Responsibility for Posts:
Subscribers are solely and exclusively responsible for the contents of any posts they make, including any opinions expressed therein.

IV. Content of Posts
Our long experience with managing the listserv has taught us the importance of maintaining clear standards regarding appropriate tone and content. We also strive to limit the number of messages generated each day so that the volume doesn't become overwhelming for busy parents. With those goals in mind, our rules are as follows:

  1. The general guidelines for topics are effective treatment and related issues in education, services, advocacy and current events.
  2. ADVERTISING is expressly forbidden. No commercial use shall be made of this Listserv or its membership. Sending unsolicited advertisements or information of a commercial nature to other subscribers, whether through the List or privately, will result in removal from the list.
  3. All posts to the list (be they questions, answers or comments) need to be of potentially general interest. Personal notes directed to just one or two subscribers (e.g. “thanks for the information” or “see you tomorrow” or “I agree” or “that's interesting” or “me too”) should be sent privately to the person you are replying to and not to the entire list. If you find yourself posting more than four messages per day, you are probably in violation of this rule.

  4. Please put a SUBJECT LINE in your post that is relevant to the issue you are posting about.

  5. Do not FORWARD to this listserv postings from other internet forums from which you receive email. If you want to share information from another listserv, you need to copy it in to a new message and provide an explanation as to what it is and why you are posting it.

  6. There are legal issues of copyright violation when someone posts extensive copyrighted material. For this reason, if there is a lengthy article you wish to share, please post only one or two paragraphs, together with the link to the article. If there is no link available, you may offer to send the article offlist to anyone who emails you privately.

  7. Please refrain from posting ATTACHMENTS.

V. Netiquette:
This is a private un-moderated List meaning that email messages are posted without prior screening or approval. However, CT FEAT does monitor the List. While vigorous discussion and varying opinions are welcome, the tone must remain respectful. Any subscriber who makes personally derogatory comments or otherwise engages in ridicule, excessive sarcasm or innuendo, will be removed.

VI. Ownership, Questions and Complaint

  1. The List is privately owned by CT FEAT which reserves the right to unilaterally remove a subscriber for any reason whatsoever. If the subscriber disagrees with this action, he or she may file a complaint with the CT FEAT Board of Directors by writing to

  2. The Board of Directors has the final determination on any decision concerning the List including, but not limited to, subscriber membership.

  3. Questions or comments about the rules, including any specific criticism you have regarding a particular post or subscriber, should be addressed privately to the Listserv Administrator at and NOT to the List.

VII. How to JOIN or LEAVE the List

If you want to JOIN (i.e., subscribe to) the List, please send an E-mail message to providing the following information:

(1) Your FULL NAME
(2) Your E-MAIL address (employment-based addresses not permitted)
(3) Your Full MAILING address
(4) A statement that you are a CT Parent of an ASD child.
(5) A statement that you have READ and AGREE to abide by the above Listserv Rules.
(6) A statement that you understand and agree to honor the Confidentiality Requirement.

If you want to LEAVE the List you will find the means to do so at the “Modify Your Subscription” link that appears at the bottom of every listserv message. That link will permit you to manage your subscription, including temporarily suspending or permanently ending it. If you have any problems, you can always write to

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